Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Ever since we started our site we are doing everything possible to promote our site without breaking the bank. At the same time we are trying to give as much as we can back to our customers in forms of rewards program, special discounts, monthly promotions, coupons, free shipping, deal of the day...

Recently I stumbled on Shopalize, platform that allows us to reward you for promoting our site and products to your friends on social sites or e-mails. It will pop up on your purchase confirmation page, asking you to share your purchase. This is win-win situation, we get leads and hopefully new customers, you and your friend get special discount coupons for subsequent purchases.
-Share you purchase with the friends and get 5% discount coupon for next 5 purchases.
If you friends purchase from us, they will receive 5% discount coupon for the next 3 purchases.
-If you just share products that you like with your friends, you will receive 5% in Shopalize points. Your friends will receive 3% discount coupon for subsequent purchases from our site.
On top of that all purchases qualify for our reward points. Once you collect 250 points, you can redeem them for cash, which is equivalent of $10.00.

Since yesterday Shopalize is live on our website.

Happy shopping!!!